For further information, please contact us on: freephone 0800 243 103 or SMS text 07464 986 747


We supply a large variety of continence products from most manufacturers to assist with continence needs, including:

  • Intermittent self-catheters (ISC)
  • Long/short term catheters
  • Sheaths (fitting service also available*)
  • Leg/night bags
  • Accessory products
  • Urinals
  • Irrigation kits
  • Dilation catheters

* Sheath fitting is available within the local area only. Please call for further information.


Your first order will come with complimentary wash bags and mirrors to assist with ISC, on request. All orders also include free disposal bags and dry wipes.

If you need advice on any continence product or issue, you can speak to a qualified nurse advisor by calling freephone 0800 243 103. We work closely with NHS care providers and can refer you to a specialist nurse, where required.

Further support and advice for any continence issues can be found at